Compass: Cardiac MRI Post-processing Software


Accurately predict whether an intervention will improve a patient’s outcome.

Analyzing ventricular function at 1,296 points

Analyzing ventricular function at 1,296 points

Compass: Unparalleled Accuracy from Cardiac MRI Images.

The patented technology behind our simplicity is unique. Compass™ subjects MR images to more rigorous assessment, and thereby delivers more accurate results. For example, Compass is the only post-processing software for cardiac and vascular MRI that subjects patient images to quantitative assessments at this level of detail:

  • Micro-compare patient results at 1,296 corresponding points to objective clinical standards.
  • Control data. Automated, quantified comparison of patient results with clinically validated control data which define a normal range of heart function.
Compass: Designed for Cardiovascular Physicians.

Compass makes detailed, image-based information more relevant than ever before for the treating physician.

With patented analytical tools and intuitive workflow, Compass delivers relevant diagnostic confirmation and pre-interventional planning information for many clinical indications.

Compass: Delivering Answers.

Compass FUNCTION: Visualize and quantify the extent of akinetic, hypokinetic, hyperkinetic, and/or normal tissue.  Benefits of Compass: FUNCTION >>

Compass VIABILITY: Precisely quantify the location, area, mass, and transmurality of cardiac scar tissue. Benefits of Compass: VIABILITY >>

Compass INTEGRATION: Accurately predict whether revascularization will improve ventricular contractility. Benefits of Compass: INTEGRATION >>

Compass PERFUSION: Accurately identify the precise location and extent of myocardial ischemia. Automated identification of defect area and optimum perfusion frame. Benefits of Compass: PERFUSION >>

Compass SVR: Three dimensional reconstruction and data to support patient selection and pre-operative planning of surgical ventricular restoration.

Compass COMPARE: Side-by-side comparison of two MRI studies for serial assessment.

Compass: Additional Capabilities

As you would expect, Compass includes standard tools like…

  • Flow.   Flow volumes and velocities capturing regurgitant blood flow.
  • Volumetrics.    Volumetric analysis and filling curves.
  • 3D.  For improved visualization of the scar, a 3D model can be viewed in a four-chamber, two-chamber, or short axis overlay to see the ventricle in the anatomical plane.
  • Automated reports.   Automated workflow can liberate your study data and analysis within minutes of completing an MRI scan.
  • Export to PACS.   Export final reports seamlessly to PACS as a series of DICOM images.
  • Email reports.   To iPads, laptops, any internet-connected computer, colleagues, physicians, patients…

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